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MTDomeTrajectory moves the Simonyi Survey Telescope dome to follow the telescope. It does this by reading telescope position from the MTMount CSC and issuing commands to the MTDome CSC.

Unlike most observatory enclosures, we plan to slowly rotate the dome during exposures, in order to minimize the time required to move to the next target. MTDomeTrajectory supports multiple algorithms for determining how to move the dome, though at present only one simple algorithm is available.

User Guide

Start the MTDomeTrajectory CSC as follows:


Stop the CSC by sending it to the OFFLINE state.

To make the dome follow the telescope: issue the MTDomeTrajectory setEnabledMode command with enabled=True.

To move the dome to a specified position that is different from the telescope:

MTDomeTrajectory can support multiple algorithms for making the dome follow the telescope; but at the time of this writing, there is only one. The algorithm is specified and configured in configuration.


MTDomeTrajectory can be fully exercised without hardware by running the MTMount CSC and MTDome CSC in simulation mode. MTDomeTrajectory does not have a simulation mode of its own.


Configuration is defined by CONFIG_SCHEMA. Configuration primarily consists of specifying the control algorithm and its associated parameters.

Available algorithms:

Configuration files live in ts_config_mttcs/MTDomeTrajectory.

Developer Guide

Version History